Our Services

At Xrayvision we'll guide you through the process of commissioning your video, ensuring that the end result delivers your message in a way which exceeds your expectations. 


CGI - computer graphics imagery - is a powerful way of explaining abstract concepts or showing detail which is impossible to capture with a camera. It also adds a 'high production value' gloss to any video.

Commissioning CGI might seem a daunting and costly prospect. At Xrayvision we'll advise at every stage, so you are confident that this is the right solution for you, we'll write scripts, storyboard and design frames, so you know exactly what the end sequence will look like. And, as always, we'll work to a pre-agreed budget, so they'll be no surprises when you get our invoice.

2D animation

If CGI isn't right for your production, then 2D animation is often a more subtle, more user-friendly, quicker to produce solution.

We'll help you through the commissioning process, so you can decide what style of animation works best for you, whether it's a user-friendly character animation or something more factual and data-driven, Xrayvision will deliver exactly what you need.

Corporate video

Working with film-makers who have years of broadcast experience, Xrayvision can produce a corporate video which is perfect for your needs.

We'll start with a chat; what it is you want to achieve? What is the the message you want your audience to take from the video?

We'll recce the location, whether your place of work or somewhere which has special meaning for your company.

Working with you, we'll write the script, storyboard and list the shots we need to make the video shine.

And when we film, we'll have as low an impact on your workplace as possible, to minimise the disturbance to your business, your employees and your customers.

We'll produce a first edit, then agree and implement a list of revisions with you, before delivering a final video you can be proud of.


Rob is a rare commodity. Talented, caring, passionate about his craft, and a decent and funny chap. I worked with him for many years at the BBC where he was the graphic designer of choice. And when he sadly left the organisation to set up his own company I stayed in contact because I knew he would add value to every one of my corporate films. He is talented, creative, parient, and fun to work with. I would recommend him every time
— Jonathan Sumberg - Sumberg films